10 Tips when Selling your Home

Its most peoples biggest financial asset, so why leave it up to chance when selling it. 

We at Kingstons have recognized a few tips that are almost certainly going help when selling you're home. 

  1.  Bedrooms and Bathrooms: Pack away all toiletries and kids toys from view as well as any expensive personal items for peace of mind security. Place clean towels on rails and clean any mildew and mold. 
  2. Cleaning and Cleanliness: Really take your time and clean your home as well as carpets and walls, to impress potential buyers. A clean home is a sell-able home. 
  3. Garden: Create curb appeal with trimming plants and trees, mow the lawn and clean the pool. By doing this your home will give an immediate sense of apeal, first impressions are as we all know incredibly important. 
  4. Painting: This is the easiest way to give your home a quick make over. cracks and faded paint will almost certainly give a home a dull look (Try stick to neutral colors as its simply more appealing to buyers) 
  5. Personal Stuff: Buyers need to see themselves living in your home so pack away anything that's not necessary and personal so they don't get distracted. Decluttering will significantly give a feeling of space. 
  6. Buyers: Do NOT follow agents around when showing your lovely home, this intimidates the buyers and the agent won't be able to get a proper read on the buyers needs. Buyers tend to be more open an honest when the seller isn't in their space. 
  7. Fixing Niggles: All small repairs make a huge difference, small issues like cracked tiles and windows, as well as any electrical repairs such as light-bulbs and switches if neat and tidy could be the difference between you selling and not. 
  8. Living Areas: Remove any unnecessary furniture that could be cluttering the rooms. Place fresh flowers on the table and fresh fruit in the fruit bowl. 
  9. Kitchen: Clean appliances such as the stove, fridge and microwave.  Pack away all unnecessary stuff on counter tops. and if you've got the time put vanilla in the oven to create a lovely home smell for when potential buyers visit. 
  10. Odors: Remove an odors in the house such as pet, smoke and/or dustbins. Nothing more off putting than a fowl odor when walking around a home that you're trying to imagine living in. Make sure you are appealing to all the buyers senses. 

Just a few healthy tips that we know will help! Happy selling !

15 Dec 2016
Author Kingstons Real Estate
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